Linguine with basil pesto sauce

500g. linguine
1 vase beeroot sliced "μακεδονική γη"
150g. walnuts
3-4 t.s. olive oil
2 garlic cloves
1 t.s. lemon juice
50g parmesan, grated

First we boil the linguine in water with some salt.
In a blader we put the beetroot with the walnuts and tha garlic cloves with a spoon of olive oil. We mix them well together until the sauce gets creamy. We then add the lemon juice, salt & pepper and the parmesan. We mix the them together more if we want a soft sauce or less if we want it crunchy.

After we have strained the linguine we serve them on a big plate and we add the pesto sauce on top with some extra grated parmesan.

Tip: We can keep the leftover pesto sauce inside a jar in the fridge for 5 days.